Proofreading: Get help to make your content error-free, your corporate communications crystal clear or your technical writing accurate.

Editing: It’s too long, too dense, too boring, too informal. Whatever your problem, call the doctor (PhD with book editing, journalism, corporate and academic experience).*

Writing: Just hand it over.  Tell me what you want to say and let me write it—or rewrite it, when you’re stuck.

Research: Qualitative research data-gathering and analysis—from interviews to report.

* That’s my  bookshelf in the photo—I’ve been doing this long enough to own real dictionaries and style manuals.

How can I help?

Ruth Allen condensed and cropped
Dr Ruth Allen

I love helping people to be understood. That may mean:

  • making your sentences less tangled
  • quickly turning your long report into a readable, short one
  • asking your clients or customers what they need and reporting back thoughtful, well-analysed research
  • proofreading for errors, inconsistencies and jargon so your message is clear.

Who am I?

  • I’ve been a book editor, journalist, health professional, worked in advertising and PR, and freelanced for years.
  • I edit and proofread websites and blogs, PhDs and Master’s theses, academic journal articles, and documents of any size for any literacy level.

Sam with dictionary

Qualifications include PhD in Health Sciences (FMHS nomination Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Best Doctoral Thesis), MA (Hons) in Psychology (Senior Prize), MA (Hons) in English (Senior Scholarship), PG Dip Journalism (Robert Bell Scholarship), and PG DipClinPsyc (MNZCCP).

Clients include academics needing to publish papers, CEOs’ monthly blogs for proofing, training workbooks for low-literacy staff, and anything in-between.

Get in touch

Timing: I understand deadlines and meet them.

Your investment: I’ll give you a proposal based on what you need. For large documents, I can do a “sample edit” as part of ensuring we’re on the right track.

Confidentiality: Your documents remain confidential and are deleted after completion.